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  1. Today I tried to transfer a Lumineon from the same Ultra Sun game file to Violet on Switch, then the OP name still turned out being "Scarlet". I've created pkms and send them to switch via trade BOT before and the OT names (which were originally the default name of PKHex) won't change like this time. Really need help and thanks a lot ˊ_ˋ.
  2. Well but I want the it to be "AwanUS", since that comes from my game save file.... BTW I've changed the OT name's font (using same name) and transfered to my Switch yesterday but it still turned out to be "Sword." . You're right, and I believe most ppl don't own a CFW Switch. And though that pkm does not come from 3DS, but imo it was still a legal pokemon since the stats are non-artificial but created from the game seeds? Furthermore, I've created pkms which OTs are Pkhex's default name, and when it transfer via discord BOT to Violet, the OT name remains.
  3. Here's the comparison: This Gible(https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Jd5NFcAEDgATmx67Hnp0KWthISuaoifS/view?usp=sharing) was legally hatched in game (which spent me bunch of hours manipulating RNG tool), it has the correct OT name. However I'm playing game on Citra not 3DS, so it comes from a Citra save file. Then after I transferred it via discord bot to my Switch (game version is Shield), the OT name turned to be like this(https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NF2MJ8-HoaSDBEDxSrcSnDnMCh1BhInw/view?usp=sharing), the word "劍." means "Sword." otoh. So I wonder if there's any way to fix this, or is this a bug? Thanks for helping. 0443 ★ - Gible - D732BCEB720D.pk7
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