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  1. Look again. Even if it was set to strudy or gluttony, there shouldn't be a dreamworld flag.
  2. Shuckle doesn't have storm drain as an ability....
  3. There isn't any just generate it with pokegen and if you want to give a pokemon pokerus then just give it x.0.
  4. You do realize that Black (2) means black 1 or black 2
  5. Change OT to Andy\FFFF\0000\0000\0000 becuase since it's an egg poke, it doesn't need a terminator and change the name from Tyranitar\FFFF\0000 to Tyranitar\FFFF. Regenerate the PID with pokegen or something to fix the invalid PID. It also wouldn't hurt if you give it pokerus type 15.0 or something.
  6. It means the poke was caught with a modest sync like mew.
  7. Change Ability 1 to Ability 2. Post your poke if you want me to fix it for you.
  8. Upload your pokes and I'll try to tell you what's wrong with them.
  9. Give it pokerus type 12.0 or something so it would look even more legal.
  10. That's a Gen 3 poke... Change Deoxys to DEOXYS. If you want it to look more legal, give it pokerus type 12.0 or some crap like that.
  11. Change the location from EGG/Pal park/Event/... to Tall Grass/Darkrai because zapdos is a Roamer in plat version Oh and changing the OT from FALKER/FFFF/0000 to Falker/FFFF/FFFF wouldn't hurt either.
  12. I just received this from my friend, apparently he downloaded this from a DNS server, and this Celebi also activates the Giovanni event...
  13. i hate to tell you this but you cant edit Pal Park with pokesav
  14. so did you buy the game or did you download it?
  15. you have to change the 46h in the hidden value hex's to one of these
  16. Shadow Lugia isn't a real Pokemon though
  17. are those legit? because those don't look legit at all, the 86h is not filled in and the date met is at the date egg revived the EV'S are higher than 510, and the happiness is way too low...
  18. Can someone help me i cant open the pal pak editing thing
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