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  1. Thanks AlamosIT for it.
  2. I see, you think you can help me adding the 00s if it is not a problem? If not can you recommend me a hex editor to do it please?
  3. I have this save file that not sure why but Pkhex wont open it. It has the right size and it isn't corrupted. Gonna upload the file, help would be appreciated. Size is 512 KB that is the size saves had on DS. 6149 - Pokemon - Black Version 2 (U) (frieNDS).sav
  4. Does someone have saves for pokémon Alpha Saphire before the battle against primal Kyogre? I need a save to see what flags trigger when getting access to New Mauville because some time ago by mistake I messed up with a flag and repeated Delta Episode, the save its almost fixed, except I can't enter New Mauville because I guess thet flag for it messed up. If someone can help me with saves before the Primal Kyogre battle so I can check what flags are triggered with Wallace or if someone knows which flags are the ones that allows you to enter New Mauville I will appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Thats the flag I think I need to have to access New Mauville again.
  5. I remember years ago with old PkHex by mistake I activated the Delta Episode for a second time and that messed up a bit some flags like the one to reach the museum second floor because an invisible person blocked it. I fixed that already but now I realize I cant enter New Mawville too. Do someone knows what flag needs to be fixed to be able to enter New Mauville again? When I try to enter it says the Iris scan doesn't recognize me. Gonna upload my save file. Would really appreciate if someone can help me with this issue, because looks like doesn't have a flag for New Mauville access per se. Or to help find the flag that triggers allows you to enter New Mauville again so I can trigger it myself. main
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