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  1. I just tested this in IE8 and did not get the error. Malware or add ins (in addition to a poorly coded site) can cause this. In this case I really don't think Project Pokemon's coding is at fault, though. I would consider removing add-ins and making sure that you are not infected. For anyone interested in the underlying technical cause of these errors in IE -- This happens when JavaScript attempts to edit a child element of an unclosed parent element.
  2. Sabre, sorry for delay, I am glad you got this in. I really need to go back and write something better than what I gave you, though.
  3. public UInt32 GetNext32BitNumber() { seed = seed * 0x41C64E6D + 0x6073; return seed; } No need for all that 64 bit stuff.
  4. Er, unless I am missing some new development here Wondercard PIDs are still something of a mystery. Additionally, it is 100% confirmed that there is no correlation between PID and IVs (similar to eggs) because abusers have gotten the same IVs through abuse on many different PIDs. Wondercard IVs are "Method 1", or maybe a better way to say it is that IVs are generated through two sequential calls to the PRNG, though. Now for regular legends I am finding that you don't even need a date to know which ones are hacked IF the person claimed to have soft reset them. It's real obvious when you back track through the seeds and there are none found within 1000 calls that could have reasonably been initial seeds. Remember the RNG does not run in quiet caves at all, so soft resets should have a good initial seed within a few reverse rng calls.
  5. For soft-"hack checking" lengendaries you will almost have to know if the person was soft resetting or if it was a random catch. It's pretty easy to catch someone who claims to have soft reset as the Frame number will be ridiculously high. I'd also use the initial seed finder (jiggling the HOURS and using a month of 11, as I believe that will get all days/hours/seconds) to locate the initial seed. It only goes back 1,000 RNG calls, so if it's not found and the person claims to have soft reset it then it is BS. The interesting thing, though, is that not all Method 1 spreads are possible. I will work on code to get a rough estimate of how many are not one day.
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