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  1. So...I've had a string of extremely good luck in the past two and a half weeks, I'd say. It started around when I was getting those Pink Beds. I've been getting the best luck I've had all year, in Pokemon as well as a few other games. I mentioned last week I got the Scope Lens. It didn't end there. I was able to receive the Scope Lens on my Crystal (the version that can give it, whereas my Silver can't) through Stadium 2, which shocked me. That was the only rare item I've ever received through Stadium 2. Was it a coincidence that I received that item less than a week after I gave it to Silver? But this past Wednesday, a week after my Crystal gave it to Silver....it gave Scope Lens to Silver again. That makes 3 Scope Lens I've received in the span of 8 days, which seems too good to be true. I assumed the first one was normal, since I was narrowing down what items I could get. I still was pretty excited, though. The second one shocked me and had me wondering if Stadium gifting worked differently than I had thought. The third one made me suspicious. There might be some factor we don't know about that Kata had alluded to. On top of this, I noticed during a Mystery Gift a week ago that Carrie had received a Magikarp Doll from my Silver, something it's not able to give any game. I was under the impression that she can only receive items your games can give, which would explain how she's obtained the Green Carpet and the Big Onix Doll, the only rare decorations she's received. In fact, other than the Leaf Stone she received from me, which I also received from Silver less than a few weeks later, there hasn't been anything she's received that I haven't. There are still a few mysteries left unsolved...
  2. So...I have a bit of a simple, yet specific and somewhat odd request. The short of it is I'm looking for saves, preferably Emerald, that have the Trader, Bard, or the Hipster present in their Mauville Pokemon Center. Right now, I'm not as concerned about the Lilycove Center woman, but having one of the other two that is not the Quiz Lady would be even better. To overexplain why I want this: I know I could probably just grab one of the many save files with "everything unlocked" and see if it has the ID number I want, but I'm being a little picky and don't want some super premium save. Since I'm mixing records to get this, I'd kind of appreciate it if it was a normal save from any user that happened to have a cool secret base that would also transfer to my game, since I'm a bit low on those. I'm just really into some of the old Gen 3 stuff that I didn't get to experience fully as a kid. Some additional information: I have a Sapphire save I somewhat-recently manipulated to give me the ID I wanted, giving me the Storyteller. My Emerald save had Giddy from the start. My Ruby save, which is around 14 years old, did not have Giddy from the start, but did mix records with a save that is long lost, and it now has Giddy. My two friends with Emerald saves that I hang out with often both happen to have Giddy. That means 4 out of our 5 saves all have Giddy....the only useless Old Guy. Yeah, I'm pretty upset about that. So if I could get a hold of each of the 3 "Old Guys" that I'm missing, I have enough saves to put them all on, abandoning Giddy onto whichever saves get contributed. I would appreciate the help heavily, and it would make putting the Regi Dolls on to our Emerald saves actually possible... TL;DR: A normal RSE save with an Old Guy that isn't Giddy or the Storyteller. Emerald is preferred, since I have extra Emerald cartridges I can inject the saves into without having to juggle my Ruby and Sapphire saves too much.
  3. Wow, you'd be willing to do that? Thanks so much!! One of my friends recommended I just hack the berry in, but I kind of wanted to get it legitimately. I know this method isn't exactly 100% legitimate, but considering you're using the intended device that gets the item so easily, I don't see why not. At the very least, I can consider it a long-distance friend giving me the item legitimately through some means. I've attached both my saves. I'd prefer you send it to my Silver save, but if you don't have a Silver cartridge, then Crystal works as well. The reason I prefer Silver is because of something I want to clone that I received on Silver just yesterday... I GOT THE SCOPE LENS!! Man, I've been on a Mystery Gift hot-streak! The only things left it looks like my cartridges can receive are the Big Lapras Doll, which can only go to Silver, and the N64, which I've somehow managed to miss despite both my games being able to give it, yet my friend who's Mystery Gifted significantly less somehow got it from me. Still no luck trying to get my Gold version to work...I got it to boot once, but it freaked out before the title screen. I think one of my connectors looks a little chipped...not sure what I should do to go about fixing it. POKEMON_SLVAAXE.sav PM_CRYSTAL_BYTE.sav
  4. Wow, that was quick! Thanks so much! Here are my main observations: -I can never, ever receive the MiracleBerry between these 3 games. This....sucks. The only other way to receive that incredibly useful item is to shill in $80 for a Pokemon GS 2 or whatever, but I'd rather not considering how much maintenance I've spent on my Gen 4 Pokewalker. How come I get all these Gold Berries and no MiracleBerries? This is why. I'm really upset over this. -Neither...of my games...give the Bulbasaur Doll? What? But I have it on both versions! I suppose I was at my friend's house when I received the Bulbasaur Doll on Silver...maybe I was mistaken about my own game giving it to me? However, I do have screenshot proof that I received it on my Crystal version on Stadium 2, so that to me confirms that Stadium 2 can give more than just what your ID allows. Perhaps the percentages Serebii gave actually align with Stadium 2 in particular? -That Green Carpet that I was upset that Carrie and my Silver version received but my Crystal version didn't kind of already confirmed what I suspected...but none of the other carpets are obtainable otherwise? That's disappointing... -I was right about the SNES. But my word...it really did almost work out that my two games had almost the opposite 8 distributables for common decorations. The only exception is the Jigglypuff doll...how did I get that on Crystal? My second friend? Or Stadium 2? It's apparently only a 5%, so I suppose Stadium 2 is likely there. EDIT: I missed the Diglett Doll. But I think I do remember receiving that from my friend in particular. -My second friend received the N64 and the SNES from my first (the third ID number) a while back, so it makes sense why I haven't been getting the N64. Still...I received the NES very early on on Crystal, and appparently both of my games can give it...so why doesn't Silver have it? Without stupid luck from Stadium 2, or without trying for years, I will likely never get everything unless I just straight-up make a new save. I can't get basically any carpets, the Virtual Boy, the JumboPlant, the Pikachu Poster, or even the flipping MiracleBerry. That last one irks me. I have an old Gold cartridge that I can't seem to get working no matter how much isopropyl I rub it with. Perhaps I'll try a little harder to get it working, then attempt to reset for an ID that gives me what I want. Of course, I'll need to learn compiling if I want to check the IDs myself...
  5. I'd appreciate it! My main save, my Crystal version, is ID # 64818. My second save, Silver, is ID # 41962. Could you also check my friends' ID numbers? I think one of them in particular is the one that's given my other friend and myself the SNES and the Surfing Pikachu, so I'd like to confirm. The one in question giving us those items is ID # 37613. I don't have the ID number of my other friend at the moment; I might edit it in later. Also, just mere minutes before making this post, I Mystery Gifted on GBC and my Silver version received a Pink Bed!! I received on Crystal two days prior. I even have pictures to show both were received on the same two systems and same two cartridges, and not Stadium 2. I've been getting some good luck ever since my friend let me borrow his GBC so I could do more Mystery Gifting. That second GBC also happens to be pink. Coincidence? Yeah, but it's still weird. It might a similar oddity to the Magikarp one you mentioned before. Before seeing this thread, I assumed the information I saw on Serebii was vaguely true, but I guess not. Their stuff from the first four gens tends to be less accurate. Still, all items were tiered into 5%s, 1%s, 0.2%, and 0.1%s. Bulbapedia also tiers the items the same way, but without showing the percents, since I'm guessing those are bogus if receiving the supposed 0.1% Surfing Pikachu Doll on my save and a friend's save is anything to go off of. If what you said about the 8 commons, 4 uncommons, and 2 rares is true, that might explain the drought I've had. But it's still strange that my Crystal save has 14 of the 16 commons, while my Silver has the two it's missing. It's not like each version would have the exact 8 that the other didn't have. It seems likely that my friend was the one giving me Magikarp and the SNES...I guess I just got lucky in the 20-ish times I've Mystery Gifted my friends. Also, I'm guessing the very rare tier of Surfing Pikachu and Big Lapras can only give one per save?
  6. I've been Mystery-Gifting near-daily for I believe the past 9 months. I started with two brand-new saves, since all of my cartridge batteries had run out. I've even gone through the trouble of switching them back-and-forth between cartridges and my 3DSs, so I could Mystery Gift with two friends that have 3DS saves. I didn't get a hold of a second GBC until two weeks ago, so up until then I was only Mystery Gifting once per day, whether it be between my 3DSs or on Stadium 2. In the past 4 or 5 months, I've noticed I've been getting the same junk 5% items over and over again. The only shakeups I remember were a Big Onix doll about two months ago, and a Pink Bed 24 hours ago. I thought there was just some jank Gen 2 RNG going on, but now seeing this, it seems like there's more to it all. How come the only 5% decorations I'm missing on Crystal are the Magikarp Doll and the SNES, yet my Silver has had Magikarp for months and obtained the SNES two weeks ago from Mystery Gifting a friend? Why was my Crystal missing Gengar and Staryu for such a long time, yet Silver has had them for a while? How come I've received around 9 of the 1% Gold Berry, yet I can't get the 1% MiracleBerry, something I desperately want since there's no alternative other than forking over a ton of cash for the Pikachu walker? Seeing this, now I wonder if there are some decorations I'm doomed never to get. I have a vague checklist of when I've received what, including rare items. I'd like to use the gift.c tool to see what I can find out, but I am pretty new to compiling and am unsure what exactly to do.
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