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  1. Each OT only has 8 common, 4 uncommon, and 2 rare decorations associated with it, so it's likely you'll stop seeing much in the way of new stuff once you've received all the common decorations a given save has to offer. It seems like you can receive anything from Stadium 2, but some decorations seem significantly rarer. If you can't figure out how to compile and run bayleef's gifts.c, I'd be happy to check your OTs for you if you'd like to share them.
  2. Ah! Another Mystery Gift enthusiast! It's a miracle! My "Stadium 2 loot determined by your own OT" theory is mostly out the window now. Another one of my saves received a Magikarp Doll from Carrie and there wasn't any out of the ordinary loot the previous day, so I don't think there's a special trigger there anymore. I do still feel like there's some funkiness going on, though. All of the rarer decorations I've received from Carrie (that I'm aware of) were decorations that those saves themselves were able to distribute. I'm not sure what to make of that. Have you received any rares from her? Did they match what your OT is able to distribute? Regarding Carrie frequently mentioning the TENTACOOL DOLL, I'm not certain, but I think she might stick with the same rumor until you break your gifting streak. Also, I think there's only rumor dialogue for TENTACOOL DOLL and PIKACHU BED (no UNOWN DOLL). Sort of weird. If there's a special trigger for the uniques, I'm thinking maybe it's related to Carrie's own decoration collection. Documentation-wise, besides the aforementioned Reverse Engineering of IR Protocol thread, there's an incomplete and inactive disassembly of Stadium 2. That's pretty much entirely over my head, though.
  3. I’ve been doing daily Mystery Gifts on my gen 2 carts + Stadium 2 for the better part of six months for… fun? Something. Anyway, this experience has raised some questions that don’t seem to have answers anywhere. My understanding is that the items/decorations which your save is able to send through Mystery Gift are determined by your ID number. bayleef’s thread "Mystery Gift: Reverse Engineering of IR Protocol" has a handy tool for figuring out what gifts you can send. My hypothesis is that Stadium 2 mimics your GSC save’s ID in regards to what items it can send, and in ~500 Mystery Gifts, I found this to be true… with one exception! The day after my Crystal save (ID: 62000) sent a Big Lapras Doll to Stadium 2 (which prompted Carrie to freak out), I received a Magikarp Doll from Stadium 2 (which neither my Crystal nor any of my other GSC saves are capable of sending). Were these events actually related or did I just get lucky? Magikarp Doll is a common decoration to my knowledge, so it seems like I would’ve received one earlier if there wasn’t something to this. How does Stadium 2 Mystery Gift work? Does Carrie send you special loot if you sent her an uber rare item the previous day? Are there special conditions for the three Stadium 2-exclusive decorations to be sent? How rare is all of this stuff actually? Any other fun GSC/Stadium 2 Mystery Gift trivia/anecdotes are appreciated. (I apologize if this is actually all well documented somewhere. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful!)
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