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  1. Does this update include the shiny galarian bird Articuno in mystery gift section? I kind of missed the tournament lol.
  2. That is exactly what I did. I have little experience in gen 7 and do not exactly know about the mechanics.
  3. HGSS - I imported Pokémon with the preferred hidden power and the move hidden power. I tested them on the elite four and it worked, I saved before facing lance as I usually do and I beat him. The end credit scene came on and completed, but then I got a file save corrupted message. I showed up back before facing lance and beat him again. I did it one more time and the same thing happened. So I took a guess and used tms on the Pokémon with hidden power and I saved. I beat him again and the game continued like it normally would. Idk if this is a known problem, but I thought I'd mention it to help out. I imported HP TMs and use them and did not get any problems afterwards.
  4. No need to apologize. I will link the files I downloaded because I have reset my leaf green to try it out when the game is fresh, but I still couldn't import the event ticket. So it could be my fault. If the plugin is a little faulty, I will just try out the gen 4 events since I have never done them. Here is what I downloaded and tried using, maybe this could help you with fixing the plugin. FL - Item MysticTicket (ENG) (US).wc3 FL - Item AuroraTicket 2004 Fall (ENG) (US).wc3 WC3Plugin.dll PKHeX.exe
  5. Here is my save file. After I imported one of the tickets on pkhex, I exported it to the file. Booted it up and the recap of last save happened, the text was off and a little broken. Also my pokedex went to 0 and I tried catching a pidgey so it is at 1 now. POKEMON_LEAF_BPGE01.sv1
  6. Also, it keeps saying that a wireless adapter is not attached
  7. Okay Ive been trial and erroring this, and it said it was imported. Unfortunately when I did it, I cant receive the ticket and it cleared out my pokedex.
  8. Okay copied the pictures perfectly and the plugins popped up, but it is not clickable at the moment. Is there another tool I need to download as well?
  9. Thank you for this, I will try it out now!
  10. I just learned how to get mystery events injected for gen 7, but it is a little different for my leaf green. I downloaded a plugin and placed it in a file labeled pkd something like the guide told me to make. Then I tried to use the downloaded plugin in the tools menu like it said to do, but nothing popped up for me to inject the mystery gift. Not completely sure what a directory is... either.
  11. @theSLAYER Thank you for the reply! You helped me figure it out. Now I have to make a gen 3 post.
  12. Is there a way to get Marshadow with it's z move into my copy of sun and moon? Do I inject a mystery gift into my save file? (And where can I find these events. I checked the galley) I tried putting a Marshadow holding it's z-crystal but it would not use the z-move. Same with the Mew and the Snorlium Z.
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