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  1. In the PWT, you’re forced to play 3v3 if you’re playing singles, and 4v4 if you’re playing doubles. Is there any way to change it so that you can play 6v6 in both? I found the rules file for the formats in which the Pokémon banlist and stuff is there and in there the 2nd and 3rd byte were 03 03 for single battles and 06 06 for triple battles. I changed the bytes in the single battles file (33) to 06 06 to see if it would work and it didn’t. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Does anyone know the save script edits in the OWSE? I’ve made some very minute edits like changing an NPC’s model but I don’t know how to save the changes. Thanks for any help. @Kaphotics
  3. The thing is if I edit them in the move editor to be one turn, only the charging animation plays, which looks super weird. If I edit Power Herb, then both the animations will play correctly.
  4. Does anyone know how I can edit trainer movesets? Whenever I do, the movesets show up correctly in pk3ds, but in game they are all random. They’re still from the Pokémon’s learnset, but not the ones I gave them. This is for Pokémon X btw.
  5. I would like to know how I can make Power Herb a multiple-use item, like Leftovers or Life Orb. I did this in XY/ORAS/USUM with pk3ds but that had an item editor tool. I can’t find any tool like this for BW/B2W2. My goal with this is to make Ice Burn and Freeze Shock one turn moves while nerfing their power.
  6. Hey Kaphotics I needed some help from you with your XY Text Editor app. I wanna change some move names and it just doesn’t work. I’ve replaced the moves’ names in a/0/7/4 with the app, repacked the folder, and then rebuilt the 3DS file. I extracted the rebuilt 3DS file to check whether the changes were made and they were. But in the game the name has not changed anywhere. I would appreciate if you can help me out. This is also my first post/reply here so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.
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