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  1. For example, if I wanted to add in the game, much like Pokemon Vortex 's mascots a red Dratini that is Dragon/Fire Type, a yellow one that is Dragon/Electric, and a icy blue one that is Dragon/Ice, with different moves/base stats from a normal Dratini. Or, a less extreme one, the anime's classic Pink Butterfree, and so on. Point is, is there a program that lets me create a variant version of a Pokemon without erasing the original Pokemon from the game? Kinda like in official games that we have Spiky-Eared Pichu, Cap Pikachu, and so on.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the second pack from my Pokemon Stadium 1 series. Thanks to Pokemon Stadium Editor letting me see the opponent's Pokemon down to their stats, I'll work on using PK Hex to generate perfect copies of all enemy teams, so if you wanna play as them in your Gen 1 games, or, like me, want to see if you use the computer's teams in Stadium 1 better than the computer itself....have fun! Figuring I'd start from Round 1, here are the two teams from Pokemon Stadium's "Battle Now!" mode in Round 1. Team 1-OT-BLUE-Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Sandshrew, Clefairy. Team 2-OT-RED-Magnemite, Oddish, Vulpix, Psyduck, Cubone, Meowth. Interestingly, according to Pokemon Stadium editor, all Pokemon have 0 IVs in all stats, but also 25600 Stat experience in all stats, as well. Being designed for a quick battle, both teams are perfectly balanced...among their counterpart. That is, Electric, Grass, Fire, Water, Ground and Normal Pokemon. (Though, while it's perfectly balanced for use in Battle Now, it actually struggles as early as the Cerulean Gym in Gym Leader Castle, had trouble getting past the 1st Gym Trainer's Tentacool and Seaking!) Anyway, enjoy. Next pack will be Round 1's "Pettit Cup" teams.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I used a program named Pokemon Stadium Editor. It lets you see the opponent's teams to edit them in game, alongside other things. But they also show the opponent's teams fully, including IVs and EVs they might have, as well as PPups. Using this info, I used PKHeX to make exact copies of Mewtwo from Stadium's "Vs Mewtwo" mode, and decided to share with you guys! There are two files, one is Mewtwo from Vs Mewtwo's R1 fight, and the other is the super overpowered and busted R2 Mewtwo. They should be exact copies of Stadium's vs Mewtwo, so now you guys get to see their stats and crush the games with Pokemon Stadium 1's final bosses! Fittingly, I put the OT "STADIUM".
  4. I am using the "Catch Trainer Pokemon" code to collect all enemies's pokemon. Thought I'd share them on the "Unreleased PKMN" download area, but for some reason it says I'm not allowed to post there, so where could I post them? So far, I got Blue's Starter Eevee from Oak's lab, the Spearow and Eevee from the optional route 22 rival battle, all of the Viridian Forest's trainers's teams, the Jr Trainer on Pewter Gym, and finnaly Brock. Interestingly, I also noticed: 1-None of said trainers's pokemon has any EV points, but this is already common knowledge 2-Said AI trainers's Pokemon all have the same IV numbers of 8, 9, 8, 8, 8 3-When you use the "Catch Enemy Pokemon" code on a Pokemon with a unique moveset, such as Brock's Onix with Tackle, Screech, Bide and Bind, the unique attacks vanish and they leave you with the moves the Pokemon should have via level-up at this level. On Onix's case, he became a LV 12 Onix with Tackle and Screech only. Thankfully before making the PKM file I could use PK Hex to add the remaining attacks Brock's Onix had on the Gym Battle back.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Ash had lots of Pokemon, so this first part is just the Pokemon he released (Or gave away for training in Primeape's case) on the Indigo League and Orange Islands arc. As there's no equivalent game character to Ash, I checked Pokemon Yellow's learnset (since Yellow is based on the anime) and gave each Pokemon here a proper level according to the moves they used. So, for example, Butterfree is LV 23, the level it learns Whirlwind in the games. (And yes, Butterfree has no attacking moves, but Whirlwind, Sleep Powder, and Stun Spore is literally all he used on the anime, lol. I Choose You movie and Electric Tale Of Pikachu are alternate and not the original anime, so I didn't include moves from those) Also included are the Pre-Evolutions, Mankey, Pidgeotto, Caterpie and Metapod, with moves they used while on that form. Bulbapedia doesn't include Surf on Ash's Lapras's movelist, but as he LITERALLY does go to one island to another on Lapras(Surf's field effect in game) I had to include it. OT for all of them is "ASH". Bonus-Old Man's Jump Kick Raticate he temporally traded for Ash's Butterfree (OT-"OLDMAN") Mimey-(OT-"ASH"-even if he gave it to his mom, he still technically caught it himself) Sabrina's Haunter-(As I wasn't sure if Ash DID catch Haunter or if Haunter just followed him around and ended up staying with Sabrina, I gave it the OT "SABRINA". As it's only attack was Lick, I made Haunter be level 25, the level Gastly evolves into Haunter.)
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Second in my anime fake events series for Gen 1, Brock. As usual, if a Pokemon used more than 4 moves on the anime, I included more than one version of the Pokemon so all moves they used are accounted for. All Pokemon are LV 14(Strongest level from Brock on Red, Blue, and Yellow versions), OT "BROCK" Bonus-Suzie's Vulpix that stayed on Brock's team for a long while(OT "SUZIE") and the Ninetales Brock commanded against Team Rocket in one episode (OT "LOKOKO") I intend on making and posting more PK1 here from the anime before moving on to games and Gen II, so if anyone has a specific character from Indigo League or Orange Islands saga that you want to see and download here, or game character from Red/Blue/Yellow or Pokemon Stadium, feel free to send me a message and ask, I like making those!
  7. Version 1.0.1


    Fake Event Pokemon I made. Nintendo in future gens did events such as Ash's Pikachu, so I figured, why not? All of Misty's anime Gen I Pokemon with "MISTY" as the OT, at LV 21 (Due to it being Misty's Starmie's level in game), and as bad as this means, movesets taken from the anime. This means even adding "event moves" for when a Pokemon uses a move on the anime that they can't learn on the game, like Tackle Poliwhirl. Also, Staryu, Goldeen and Psyduck used more than four attacks on the anime, so they have more than one variation so as to cover all moves they used in Gen I. As a bonus, I also added Anime Misty's Gyarados, who debuted on the anime way after Gen 1, but used enough Gen 1 moves to be done as an event Pokemon here!
  8. Is there a way to acess Pokemon Yellow/Stadium 1's enemy trainers Pokemon? Like Lance's insane Dragonite from Yellow, or Mewtwo from Stadium, that kind of thing? I was intrigued by the unreleased Pokes I can play from other gens, but aside from the Ghost Marowak and one glitch trainer, I couldn't find a lot for Gen 1, and being that Yellow was my first game it would be nice to control those kinda unreleased Pokemon.
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