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  1. hey mate, not going to lie it sounds like it would be a hell of a lot easier to just bot one into your gen 8 game...
  2. @ERNESTO JG, thanks for that but is there a reason that this occurred ??
  3. Hi All, I have a legit Dragonite that I rare candyed up from Dratini but i have the following error is this a bug ?? Image of error attached Any help / information would be great !
  4. @theSLAYER deer how stupid of me! Thanks for your help !
  5. thanks @theSLAYER I have had a good look in PKHeX and cant find anything am I blind or does it not exist ?
  6. Hey @Kaphotics, I do understand how Obedience works but i was wondering if it can be edited in the backend without needing to get badges ? example Pokémon Obedience Level = 90 etc etc
  7. Hi There, Just wondering if there is a way to modify what level Pokémon will obey you. Example I am doing a play through but have a level 100 from another save in my party to help speed up harder battles. Is it possible to edit so any Pokémon will obey you ? My Typhlosion keeps loafing around haha
  8. hey @Poppolino i have done this multiple times even with GBC and GBA and haven't had an issue
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