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  1. I saw a video online where the player somehow managed to unlock the Darkrai and Shaymin events in BDSP. So I got in the Member Card and Oak's Letter through PkHex, went to the Haihu events ID 30 and 18 put the count as one but when I loaded the save file in, the Harbor Inn remains stubbornly shut. Can someone please help me as to where am I going wrong? Or do I have to do something entirely different?
  2. 836 ★ - Boltund - 5BC3BA596473.pk8 Species: Boltund (Shiny) Female Caught as Yamper at Route 2 , Level 5 ; Trained upto level 46 Badges- None Moveset : Edited( Checked Give all in TR Relearn editor and taught it Play Rough and Psychic Fangs) THIS WAS MY FIRST WILD ENCOUNTER SHINY EVER! 2. PKM File: Shared above 3. PkHex Version: 20210521 It's flagged illegal AFTER I updated PkHex today about an hour ago. " Encounter Type PID Mismatch
  3. I'm also having trouble with this shiny deoxys, same error along with the fact that it has NO legal moves : 386-01 ★ - デオキシス - A4D57942EF72.pk7
  4. Every time I load this darkrai into Pokemon sword it gives an error message "Incorrectly transferred from previous generation". I have no knowledge of batch editor which some people said can help me. Please help me on how can I get this darkrai to pokemon sword legally 491 ★ - DARKRAI - EDF4888130D2.pk4
  5. Hey, there was this shiny mew mystery gift in Gen 2 but when I attempted to load it into PkHex it says, "Unable to match to the Mystery gift database" and "Fateful Encounter should not be checked" which means it doesn't recognize it as a mystery gift. Could someone please help me? Link for the mystery gift is here:
  6. Oh damn! The sprite is different Name: Ashley Gender: Female Profile pic: Right Sorry!
  7. I am having trouble with crossing the 4th gym challenge in pokemon shield, so can someone please share a save file right before the battle with Alistair? I will be very grateful
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