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  1. I'm not really well-versed on encounter slots, especially since I'm not even sure entirely how the Bug-Catching Contest functions in relation to how caught pokemon are registered. I guess I just saw the "legal" checkmark appear after enough fidgeting and jumped on it.
  2. Searched for it in PokeFinder via the Gen 4 Stationary window. Allowing the (useless) Sp.Atk IVs to range between 0-31 seems to have allowed for more results, and I'm not sure of any other methods existing for legally edited Bug-Catching Contest pokemon. It was definitely flagged as legal afterwards, though I haven't tried transferring it to other games to see if it's blocked for any reason.
  3. Alright, good to know that going forward. I'll look into the egg-origin thing for future editing/generating.
  4. Following the instructions linked below, after generating my Skarmory, I decided to make it shiny as well: https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/using-pkhex/pid-mismatch-origin-game-dppt-hgss-r95/ The only problem is that the specific traits for this shiny Skarmory (Nature, IVs, Ability) don't seem to match any Shiny PID after searching through option "a.", even after changing the time of day. I can still generate a legal shiny Skarmory with the wanted Nature, IVs and Ability through the "b." option, but this changes my trainer TID/SID combo, meaning the game treats the Skarmory as a traded pokemon and gives it an EXP boost for fainting pokemon. While this is technically beneficial I would prefer to be dealing with the default EXP values, for consistency and self-imposed "fairness". Is there any way to maintain the Nature/IV/Ability of this pokemon without changing the TID/SID in the process? I find no search results for a shiny Skarmory in the wild unless I give it a considerably worse set of IVs or Nature. Thanks.
  5. Just wondering, how exactly would I find the PID for an edited pokemon (a Scyther specifically) from the Bug-Catching Contest in HGSS? It takes place in the National Park and I imagine it would be considered a "wild pokemon" as it's manually caught, but PokeFinder doesn't show it in the list of pokemon in the National Park, nor does it show any other pokemon in the Bug-Catching Contest. I wanted to change the Scyther's nature and IVs, but can't seem to narrow down where/how it appears in PokeFinder. Edit: It seems that searching through the "Stationary/Gift" method(s) rather than the "Wild" method works, though I had to fiddle around with the gender and IVs a bit.
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