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  1. I cant tell but the drag and drop method doesnt seem to work anyway. I was more interested in how to accomplish the process when it does matter. Like gen 6/7. But the dag and drop method seems to do nothing. Or im doing it wrong. I tried dragging from a Gen 4 to a gen 4 alternate save and nothing changed. I tried from gen 4 to gen 7 and nothing changed. I tried from gen 7 o gen 7 and nothing changed. So im either doing it wrong or that method doesnt work.
  2. When I was testing out transferring a gen 2 pokemon to gen 7 with pkhex it gave me the error that the pokemon didnt go through the correct transfer methods. Im assuming that because of the massive differences between gen 1/2 and gen 7 that I must first push the Gen 2 to a gen 4 or 5 or something befor going to gen 7. So can anyone give me the rundown on how I would do this? i heard mention of a program called PK2PK but i havent looked into it. Just curious how I would do it in PKHex and what is the save/appropriate method of accomplishing this.
  3. this sounds like a great method. Does PKHex simulate the trade as it happens? or do you need to save and reopen the files before trading it back. Or can I just drag and drop and then immediately drag and drop back? I have yet to ever open 2 saves at once before I was unaware you could do that. Thats actually going to save me a lot of time.
  4. this is the part that gets me. When I set the non OT trainer.. do I just make up some random name? and trainer ID? (i dont remember if the ID was part of it. )
  5. I've seen this question asked a bunch but the answers are confusing me. I'm currently using Desmume or whatever it's called to play through heart gold. I am currently playing through all the old games to build a living dex in Pokémon home. The biggest issue is trades on the older games. Googling around a lot of people mention changing the species to the evolved form and then messing with the memory and the OT. Well I don't know if that's something that happens when you are working with newer PK files but I can't find anything on memories or previous trainers or a
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