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  1. Thank you @theSLAYER and @SkyLink98 for the quick response. I didn't know Home had a tracker feature. Have to be more cautious then for the upcoming Switch titles like BDSP. I'll be modifying the balls before sending the mons to Bank and Home and wouldn't edit any data afterwards. Yeah, I'll be using the common ball types like Luxury, Timer, Heal, Premier, etc. Also, sorry for double posting.
  2. I know that it'a legal to change the ball type of any pokemon (excluding events and special mons). Just wondering if the game and more importantly, Home and Bank would know if the ball type has been changed. For example, if there's a data/code that says the ball type was modified. I'm planning to catch a lot of legendaries with master balls to make catching super easy. And eventually changing them to the ball types of my liking.
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