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  1. So I export the emulator save, put it on pkhex, once I export it I’ve seen everyone else in videos, they export from pkhex as “.sav” but mine only lets me do “sav4pt” and the emulator doesn’t read or let me open that. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or I’m not meant to be able to nevermind i redownloaded the emulator and it worked, thanks
  2. Desume, I’m pretty sure it will only read .sav files
  3. Yeah I am on platinum, yeah so when I export the pkhex file it only lets me save it as “all files” or “sav4pt”, even if I don’t modify or touch anything, am I not meant to be able to load the export from pkhex to my emulator?
  4. im unable to open any saves from pkhex cos when i export back up im only able to save it as all files or sav4pt. even if i only try saving it without editing anything
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