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  1. You could use any white 2 save file available online and dump one of the 5G shiny dex available on this forum. Reply to me if you need any help.
  2. Thanks a lot! Just everything seems perfect!! can I always go catch latios or latias?
  3. I’m sorry I could have been more precise, my english is really bad. What I meant was the texture were glitching when changing location, when entering a battle it freeze and I can’t access my pokedex. My trainer info also seemed glitching. thanks a lot for what you did! I’ll take a look when I get back home! Thanks a lot mate!
  4. Hi, I recently finished pokemon emerald and my game got corrupted when I tried to do a gameshark code to complete my pokedex. is there a way to reset my pokedex and uncorrupt my file? Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).sav
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