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  1. I really, REALLY appreciate your help, Kaphotics. I hate bothering you because I know how important and valuable your time must be. You're practically a mythical/legendary figure to a lot of people, myself included. I took your advice and I've looked through the source code (even though I barely understand it lol) and found the section regarding Battle Versions on line 428, listed right here: public int BattleVersion { get => Data[0xDF]; set => Data[0xDF] = (byte)value; } and from my extremely limited understanding of this, I think this means that it's going to look fo
  2. So.... Can you re-explain this in a simplified language that someone who doesn't have PkHex could understand? Like I mentioned--- I don't have the ability to use PkHex. I use showdown sets and add batch edit commands here and there when needed. What I'm trying to find out is: is there a batch edit command that I can add to a showdown set in order to force the battle-ready symbol onto mons that originated in USUM/games pre-Gen 8? for example, my showdown sets might look like this: (prefix) Tyranitar (M) @ Smooth Rock .Version=32 Ability: Sand Stream Shiny: Yes EVs: 180 HP
  3. Note: I am new here, please forgive me if this wasn't the right place to put this question. So let me preface this: I am unable to use PkHex. I am a moderator in a discord focused on things like that, however I'm primarily there to assist people using Showdown, watch over people, etc. Many of my mod friends, the owner of the server, etc have PkHex, but no one seems to know the answer to this question. I can only use Showdown sets to generate, and I add batch editing commands as needed for various things like OT, nicknames, and so on. Due to this, I have a basic-to-moderate understanding o
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