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    File enhancments: ************************************************************************************ ALL SHINY ALL LEVEL 100 ALL 31 IV GEN 3 LEGAL COMPLETE SAVE FILE WITH POKEMON IN PC, ALL ITEMS, POKEBALLS, KEY ITEMS, MAX MONEY, MAX BP, ETC. ************************************************************************************************************************************************* I got this file and modified it to be a savefile download. It's basically the same original file with all the pokemon, however they are gen 3 legal, Shiny, leve
  2. Hey thanks for this great savefile! I edited it so all the Pokemon are level 100 here-------> GRIDELIN01042021 ALL LVL 100 Same exact file just all level 100! Thanks again!
  3. AMAZING save file man! The first file works great! The second doesn't transfer into PKHeX. Consider placing all legendary pokemon in their own files since they have great stats and movepools. I would love to know how you obtained these. Please let me know thanks in adnvance!
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