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  1. I think I have it all figured out thanks for helping a newb.
  2. Thanks man I figured as such. Would it be easy to change the pokemon say haunter to gengar using a program?
  3. So after a bit of research I found I could dump my save file from firered and I found it on my SD card using GM9, I'm looking to use a function for gen 3 in PKSM that allows me to change the evolutions so I no longer require trades (Change Impossible Evos). Is it possible to change the save data to allow me to do this? The more I type it out the dumber it sounds to change game mechanics using a save file, but is there a way to "update" my game on my SD card in order to change the mechanic? I'm somewhat new to this stuff but CFW'd my 3Ds with no issues.
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