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  1. okay, thanks. i was just following this site's guide which led me to believe that i had to do all this compiling. if i can just use the latest release i'm all for that. i'm going to have enough issues trying to figure out the homebrew/CFW thing. i'm used to using powersaves, so only one program and an adapter to plug the game into my computer >.<'
  2. I downloaded the zip folder. do i just need to drag the two highlighted items (1st attachment) to say my desktop and PKHex will work without the VS and having to compile PKheX? and I DID make sure I had the .NET desktop development installed in Visual Studio, and I just redownloaded the source (from https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX) and tried to run PKheX.sln but had this pop up (2nd attachment) then it gives me this (3rd attachment). Thank you for your quick response to my first comment btw!
  3. I have this issue as well, and it didn't magically start working. Someone clue me in please? I really want to start getting the gender pokemon that I want without having to restart umpteen million times
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