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  1. I've changed Power Construct to ability 1 with 4 IVs and it's now marked as legal. Thank you for the help
  2. Oh I see, my bad then. I'm pretty sure I chose power construct though and how many max IVs should it have?
  3. @theSLAYER For some reason, my suicune is now considered legal when I opened PKHex again but my zygarde is still illegal with same met location error. I've attached the 2 files below and thanks for the help 245 ★ - Suicune - D66230A9E43B.pk8 718-03 ★ - Zygarde - 003600000000.pk8
  4. Mine's selected as max lair(I checked it) and the dynamax level is indeed 8(I did not change anything other than rerolling it to a Xor=1 shiny). I tried it with a Zygarde(a Xor=1 shiny) and it still shows this error and yes, this one is also dynamax level 8. I made sure it's selected as max lair(as seen in the photo) but this message keeps popping up even if I clicked on the green tick legal check button.
  5. I think there might be an issue with dynamax legendary pokemon(maybe just me). I was trying to turn it to a shiny and Xor=1 wasn't the problem but the locations and moves. It just keeps saying "Invalid: Unable to match an encounter from origin game" and that was based on my suicune that I caught in a DA(I did not modify anything yet). The software also has trouble recognizing some moves like Liquidation and calls it an invalid but that's supposed to be the 1st move for every DA Suicunes which is also written in Bulbapedia meaning this is a legitimate move for Suicune. Hope someone can find the solution to fix it. Thanks.
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