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  1. This i have found but it not work for me. maybe someone understand it. i do this but game not save inside the rom The ROM --> SRAM loading is basically done to be able to save without battery. Over all the behavior of those roms is as follows: During Boot: Load ROM Area to SRAM During Save: Save to SRAM --> Copy SRAM back into ROM area and do some voodoo calls to persist. However: After a bit of fiddling here and there, I came to the following workflow: 1. Apply GBATA SRAM patch as normal 2. Search for Bank switching pattern in a Hex Editor. For FL
  2. I hope you can help me. and also like to help me. I have some Pokemon Hacks, and i like do it on a bootleg card. my games all cant save i search much on google all say to me i need a "sram patch". i try it from gbata but also not work for me. so i search more and found on gatemp, i need do with hex editor change some code that the game save into the rom. i try some but also not work. can you tell me what i have to edit for this rom to make it work? I not want sell them, its only for me and my collection.
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