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  1. And how can I keep my edited save file into my cartridge?Because I have the old one stored too in GBA Backup Tool.I mean that I don't want the edited file only with GBA Backup Tool but also without it.In addition,will I find the secret tickets (which I chose to obtain) in my bag immediately?
  2. Also I think that there is an issue with the GBA Backup Tool.If I have saved my file with the event inside,I need to have the R4 connected to the NDS all the time for having the event unlocked right?So when I eject my actual cartridge from NDS(with R4) then I return to my initial save file.Is it true?
  3. Firstly,I thought that I need two gba sp,two adaptors,an ez-flash omega,my actual game.So before I obtain my events to the ez flash(in order to transfer them to the other gba sp through mystery gift),I need to create this save file which demands a NDS and a DS flash card for using the GBA Backup Tool.Therefore as you tell me I don't need the ez flash omega for tranferring my events but I need to edit my save file.It's simpler than I thought.
  4. So then I eject my SD card from my flash cart(of NDS) and I put it in the ez-flash omega in order to transfer my event from the gba sp with the omega flash cart to the other gba sp with my actual game through mystery gift if I understand correctly.
  5. This is very helpful video!When I inject my event and save it into my loaded save file,then how can I restore my save game to the GBA cartridge?
  6. Hello my friend!At the first step you mean that I must put all the files I see in the GBA Backup tool.zip to the root of my flash card SD?
  7. Νο I'm playing on my actual cartridge.So how can I transfer my save file to my pc?
  8. Oh I think that I have confused..I undestood that in this empty file I put the codes of each event that I want.How can I create this save file?
  9. Hello everyone!I found randomly this topic and as a beginner I would like to ask you some things.I have an ez flash omega and I want to put in it as more secret tickets(mysticticket,aurora ticket,old sea map) as I can for pokemon gen3.I downloaded this mystery gift tool 0.1e and I made a random folder on my desktop of my PC but when I press "load save file" and choose my empty folder I cannot use it for going on the process.Can you explain to me what happens?I'm sorry for my ignorance.
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