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  1. oh, youre an actual angel. thanks so much.
  2. thanks for replying so quickly. i did not intend to give it a battle ready mark, how do i remove that in pkhex?
  3. hello, im trying to make a wish/teleport wigglytuff to transfer over to my pkmn sword game, however teleport continues to be flagged as illegal. i figured it must have just been an issue with my battle version settings, so i went ahead and uploaded the file to pkmn SWOOSH (the pokemon genning service) anyway. but SWOOSH actually flagged teleport on wigglytuff as illegal as well and replaced it with sunnyday when i received it. im wondering if SWOOSH just flagged it as illegal because the pkhex file said it was illegal, or if theres actually wrong with the file that im missing. ive attach
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