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  1. a/0/1/3 has been identified as area data. It defines which files are used to display the environment. Offset Size Description 0x0 2 Used building pack 0x2 2 Map textures 0x4 1 Translate animations 0x5 1 Sequential animations 0x6 1 Building type (inside/outside) 0x7 1 Ambient light (if no weather) 0x8 1 Outline profile 0x9 1 Unknown (usually 0x01) Most of the numbers are linking to members of this narc files: a/2/2/5 - Building models, outside a/2/2/6 - Building models, inside a/1/7/4 - Building textures, outside a/1/7/5 - Building textures, inside a/0/1/4 - Map textures a/
  2. Standard movement permissions: In mapping tools like SDSME the permission data of gen. 5 games is organized in 8 matrices. A problem that everyone runs into when adding their own maps is that the height values for player and NPCs are not known. The height is calculated from the values in the first 4 layers. The permission data is part of the map-model files in a/0/0/8. There are 4 different types of permissions. All identified by an unique ID which is the first DWORD in the file-header: 0x34257: One permission block. Most common case 0x44347: Two permission blocks. Us
  3. Worldmap: (file index started by 0, german black 2 ROM) a/0/0/2 - Location names (file 109) and important buildings (file 377) a/0/8/4 - Texture related a/0/8/5 - Location data a/0/8/5 is an narc archive with only one entry. The file inside the narc holds all relevant data to make the world map interactable. Every location-section is 54 Bytes long. The data is organized like this (Size in bytes): Offset Size Description 0x00 2 Target Map ID 0x02 2 Pull cursor radius 0x04 4 (2+2) Pixel coordinates (x,y): Point and Pin 0x08 4 (2+2) Pixel coordinates (x,y): Radar circle 0
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