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  1. Whenever I try to individually add the pokemon files to my save and transfer them to Bank I get an error and Bank closes.
  2. Anyone have a database of cheat codes for this? I want to use my quick text code and skip pokemon center animation code. Regular heartgold codes don't work.
  3. super


    I very well could be my PC, I mean it is pretty old, however I really don't have a lot of background programs running, as I learned after using anti-virus software which slowed my PC down. I think I'll just use one of the 400 open-access computers on campus, LOL. This PC does support WoW (runs away feeling ashamed)
  4. super


    yeah, I've tried all versions, still no luck. I think it only crashes if I make more than 2 pokemon in my boxes, it must overload the system or something. If I'm really fast I can create an AR code. Basically I'm just trying to get all the events, and editing them to give them English names. Maybe editing .pkm files causes it to crash?
  5. super


    why is your name coolness? anyway I really wanna use pokesav but the program keeps on closing itself.
  6. Pokesav keeps crashing on me. Sometimes it happens when I load and edit a .pkm file, other times it just randomly crashes. I'm using the latest versions of DP and HGSS. I own Pearl and SoulSilver. What version do you guys use and does it the program close on itself regularly? I have Windows XP.
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