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  1. OMFG IT WORKED AHHHHHH I even did the same process to Pokemon Shuffle (another game that was hit by this problem, but not even close to this importance). But I got my save file from 2017 of Pokemon X (it was my main game at the time, where I was keeping all my pokemon, legendaries, shinnies etc) I already put some on pokemon bank to not have any problem, and doing the backup of the save files right now!! Thank you guys sooooooo much
  2. Oh nice, I'll do that. Thanks for the tip. Just another doubt.... If I install the CFW, will I still be able to use online services, like the eshop or Pokemon Bank?
  3. Ohhh nice, this was the one I found it too. Thanks Uhum I think I got it how it works (and where to find it). So, probably this week I'll try this thing. (I'm waiting for a solution since 2017, so this isn't many more time). But I'll update here if I can or can't do it. Thanks so much guys
  4. Yeap, the problem is this, I can't load it back my Pokemon X sav file. So, to install the CFW, is there any tutorial or any recommended one? (I found some site on on google, but not sure if it's the only option or so). And this guide that you put, is covering all the steps that you said to me after installing the cfw, right? Sorry for this noob questions, but I really didn't do this things many times hehe Edit: also, thank you
  5. Hello there First, I'm sorry to bring this topic up, but since I have a very similar problem to the first post, I think it fits more to keep the conversation in here rather than creating a new topic. So, my problem is pretty much the same of iHex, with a few differences. The common thing is that I had a problem with my SD (it couldn't save anymore) but my Pokemon game said it saved, so after that, the date of the save on the SD and on the pokemon game didn't match. I changed my SD, and pretty much any other game worked fine with a single copy of the problematic SD to the new one and
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