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  1. You, sir, are a hero, thank you. You just saved the collection of Pokemon I've been hauling with me since I started my journey. Gonna get on transfering and banking this shit asap.
  2. I put the old SD card into my laptop and extracted the 0000001.sav file. Sorry, I seem to have forgotten to mention that my previous SD card was not modded, and therefore I didn't have anything like a save manager, I only installed everything on my new SD card. I'm also unable to install anything on my old SD card because it's corrupted/read-only. Hiya, thanks for you answer! As mentioned in my other response above, my previous SD card wasn't modded so I didn't have JKSM or anything along those lines, the .sav I extracted is straight out of the game directory and, indeed, encryp
  3. Hi guys! I'm posting this here but not too sure if this is the right place. If It isn't, please let me know where I'd be allowed to post this! I posted this same message on Reddit but I'm trying here too cause I'm getting kinda desparate. Context: So I own the software version of Ultra Moon, and not a physical copy. I have an old save file that I managed to extract off a corrupted SD card. I was unable to play my copy and would sometimes get max 40 seconds of gameplay before it would crash on me, I was also unable to move to any new areas or save the game. The SD card, when p
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