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  1. Hey, Did someone already make the new pokédex expansion for crown of tundra ? I didn't find a topic with that ! Thanks for reply
  2. Hello, i'm trying to do the tutorial for pokémon XD and pkhex, i don't have any prob with other game and pkhex but when i try to put my cgi file into pkhex i had this : Exception Details:System.IndexOutOfRangeException: L'index se trouve en dehors des limites du tableau.à PKHeX.Core.StrategyMemo..ctor(Byte[] input, Int32 offset, Boolean xd)à PKHeX.Core.SAV3XD.InitializeData(StrategyMemo& memo, ShadowInfoTableXD& info)à PKHeX.Core.SAV3XD..ctor(Byte[] data, Byte[] bak)à PKHeX.Core.SaveUtil.GetVariantSAVInternal(Byte[] data)à PKHeX.Core.SaveUtil.GetVariantSAV(Byte[] data)à PKH
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