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  1. Can Pokémon transferred from Go to Home obtain hidden ability? Thank you
  2. Thank you for explaining how it works. And thanks also for GO Transfers, I love download your files! Can we have a full Pokémon Go dex soon? anyways, great work! https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/4365-pokémon-go-transfers/
  3. Are the moves of a Pokémon transferred from Go to Home standard or does it depend on the level? example: I transferred a Quagsire lvl 1 to Home, the moveset is in the photo below. but what if i transfer a Quagsire lvl 30 or lvl 40? will the moveset be the same as before or will they be change for others? Thank you
  4. In pkhex it shows that this Celebi is legal, but when I put the .pk8 file on SysBot, it says that it cannot be created or even traded because it is illegal
  5. SysBot can create Pokemon from GO? I tried create a Celebi, but always is flagged as illigal 251 - Celebi - 61003337C870.pk8
  6. Hi guys, I was editing my boxes and accidentally used the command .Ribbons=$Suggest in the batch editor, and now some of my Pokémon have been flagged. Is there a command to remove all ribbons at once? Thanks
  7. Hello, Anyone can explain me why pokemon reward from totem stickers challenge looks like this in Pkhex? thanks in advance
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