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  1. Yes in the next week i will send them a mp. Thank you so much for the help guys, i very appreciate
  2. Hi guys, pls i have a question, i am just at the beginning of the story , but on youtube i saw a video where the youtuber says that in the new DLCs will be almost ALL Pokemon, just 15 pokemon will be missing. Is a fake news or is True?
  3. This is an unusual fact, by chance I uploaded the pokemon sword save to pkhax first, and then the pokemon scarlet save......... and it works, it's absurd, pkhax opens it and it works in the console too.. .........How is it possible? If I open the scarlet save directly it doesn't work, while if I open the sword one first and then immediately load the scarlet one then it works
  4. i downloaded again JKSV, last version, pls can you tell me in whitch cartel i must drag the file JKSV.nro? Thank you so much, unfortunately i am not expert for this . @TheSlayer , i am not sure what you mean, i am sorry
  5. Yes, the save work fine on my switch, the problem is only on PKHeX. @SkyLink98 I will try to make another backup on JKSV , and then i will try again. I will lt you know if this work. There are other software like JKSV i can use to backup my saves for exporting on pc? Thank you so much again for your help guys
  6. I already PMed them to the admin, he said he would get back to me here. Thank you so much for the interest
  7. I'm sorry, I didn't understand. But there is no "main2" file, when I do a backup with JKSV only two files are generated: main and backup . I am attaching screenshots of the files in the generated folder, and of the error message. Thank you so much for your help, i very appreciate it
  8. i tried to open the file named "main", and now i renamed the file to "main2" as you said, and i tried to open it, but i still get the same message that the file is too big
  9. I made a backup copy with the JKSV program, then I extracted the micro sd and inserted it into the pc via usb adapter, copying the file to the pc, at which point I tried to open it with pkhex. It's the same procedure I use for pokemon sword and shield, even now, only it doesn't work with scarlet. I am using pkhex 23.05.11 I don't use the pc emulator, I have a switch modded with hekate
  10. Hi all guys , please, I would like to ask if it has ever happened to you that when loading the pokemon scarlet save, a message appears warning you that it is impossible to load the save because it is too big. It only happens to me with Scarlet, Shield and Sword are great. Thanks a lot in advance for your help, and really congratulations to the creators of the PKHeX, thanks to you playing pokemon is fun again
  11. Thank you very much for the suggestion, please can I ask you if there are topics on the forum to learn the basics on how to use both sysbots and basic mods like Atmosphere, Hakete etc ...? Thanks again for your kindness
  12. Thanks a lot for your answer, is very clear. Please what you mean when you speak of mons and sysbot? Exuse me but i am at beginning in this.
  13. I checked now, unfortunately the code on my switch is HAC-001- (01). Couldn't I downgrade the firmware to make it hackable? I bought it just to use the pkhex, unfortunately I don't like the other games ... I'm learning the basics of the console hack right now, I'm not an expert at all so sorry if I'll write some nonsense and thanks for all the corrections you will make to my mistakes. Could I use Atmosphere,Homebrew,Hekate and Checkpoint to locate and extract the save pokemon sword and then reinstall it after modifying it with pkhex? Thanks anyway for the advice
  14. Thanks a lot guys, I recently bought the switch, so it is not first generation, I think it has the latest firmware update, can I still install a CFW and copy the saves?
  15. Hi everyone, I'm trying to understand how to import the save file from Nintendo Switch to Micro SD, in order to edit it on the PC, but the Switch does not support the copy to SD function, how did you solve this problem? Thanks in advance for the help guys
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