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  1. im a bit lost. I understand the nature portion and guessing all the pokemons with this issue then i will have to update the nature stat. This was not an issue with earlier version of pkhex. My fear is in the future if transferring pokemon to pokemon home will i be able to ? or would i need to correct the nature error to transfer the pokemons. I was able to transfer some of these pokemon to home before the update of pkhex, but would I be able to now that the new version came out and detects the same pokemon as with the nature issue? Thanks again for your assistance
  2. quick question. First time post and have been a long time fan. I may be asking a noob question but here goes. Previous version of PkHex detecs pokemon from sword save as legal and the new update. Detects some of those same pokemon from same save as flagged and illegal with error: Invalid Stat nature is not within the expected range. Does this mean that all those pokemons are now listed as illegal and will need to be edited or would are there plans to address this in future updates. Here is a snapshot of the new version. the 20.06.22 Here is a snapshot of previous version of pkhex 20.01.26 I Was able to make the first hitmonchan legal by changing the stat nature as seen in the next picture, but seem to have to do this for every of the pokemon with the issues Is this simply a bug that can be ignored and would be dealt with in a future release or is it recommended to change the stat for the existing pokemons with the issue? Thanks for the assist
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