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  1. That's definitely something I can look into! I was using the enable raid cheats from 1.2. Thank you for the tip! I'm checking it now. Upon inspection there appear to be 6 active in mainland and 16 active in DLC. My working save has more active raids so I think it would be a safe assumption to say that's not the issue. I've copied my box data and items from the freezing save to the working save. I can't tell if I'm missing anything aside from 4 hours off my game clock now but it seems to be working with all the mons and box changes I had made. I appreciate your assistance!
  2. I came back to my game for the first time since 1.2 update went live after completing it. Having changed nothing my game now freezes on start. I can load older saves that work but I lose a fair bit of effort. Can I ask for some help figuring out what went wrong and why my game is unplayable now? I've been attempting to remove questionable pokemon to figure out what's going on but I'm not really going anywhere. On 1.2.1 patch now, updated hoping it would fix the freezing but there's no luck.
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