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  1. Yep! We were in a different line when we got them. I’ll have to remember to ask him next time I see him lol. I’d like to help if I can, but I’m not sure I understand the logistics of dumping them or contributing them. How does that process work? I’d like to keep my saves as long as they will last lol.
  2. No problem! I remember that there were two people with the Gameboys making the trades and one other lady that was monitoring the line and told us which person to go to so we didn’t crowd them too much. I feel like I remember seeing a carrying case behind them but I’m not sure. I only saw two cartridges while I was there which were the ones they were using.
  3. Hi Guys, I was feeling nostalgic last week so I decided to fire up my red and blue games to take a look at them. I also wanted to look at my mews that I got back in 1999 at Toys R Us giveaway during Black Friday. My sister, and brother and I were able to run through the line multiple times until we each got the sticker sheet that had the mew, thankfully the guy handing them out didn’t mind. I let my sister use one of my games to get the mew so I have two, though I’m unsure if my brother still has his. That led me to wonder how rare these are now which led me to here. Here are the two mews I have if you need any of their info or are interested in looking at them!
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