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  1. Hello folks! (smiles) So, here I am with a romhack (and it is coming from a noob so don't expect a beautiful gameplay!) It is a Romhack on Pokemon Soul Silver! Just started with the romhack, so just a demo version available, but it will receive frequent updates like an update ever 4 months! Pokemon Energy ============== Introduction ------------ The story is about a young trainer Tabby who sets out his journey along with his friend Lucas to become the champion of Primelea region. But as they go on, rouge organization, Team Rocket, start to emerge and declare their return after they were disbanded in Kanto. Tabby needs to stop Team Rocket as well as solve the mystery of the presence of dark forces in the horizon of Primelea. Events take place in -------------------- Primelea, a region where people live in cooperation with nature. Years ago, the arrival of a mysterious huge shadow in Primelea led to the destruction of its various towns. With time, Primelea has changed rapidly from a rural, small region to a bustling metropolitan centre, with major credit to the Pokeranger organisation. However, the various myths of the region have lived on through its people who still fear the happenings of the past! At the present day the Team Rocket organisation try to uncover this mystery to take over the control of Primelea and declare their eventual return. Features -------- * Brand New Region - Primelea (don't ask me for the region map, I am trying to make one, but, I am no expert at map making) * Better, Bigger, Bulkier story than core series (sorry for the forced repeatation) * No HMs (well they will be there but as a side quest in the post-game) * Gyms replaced with Gym trails (they are the same, but you need to defeat 3 powerful pokemon to access them) * Tons more to come... Tools used ---------- * PPRE 0.14b and PPRE 0.12b - Changing, creating and removing events, editing wild encounters, etc * PDSMS 1.18 - for creating maps, editing tilesets and things related to mapping * SDSME - for editing matrices, trainers, map headers and things related to mapping * BTX Editor - for inserting Custom Sprites * Blender - Ripping tiles * HGSS lua scripts * Desmume emulator - for testing * Pokemon SoulSilver Thanks to --------- * Alpha and creators of PPRE * Spiky, Creator of SDSME * Trifindo, Creator of PDSMS * Kaphotics, Creator of HGSS lua scripts * Creator of BTX Editor * Creators of Blender * Creators of Desmume emulator * Game Freak and Nintendo, Creator of the best Pokemon games, HGSS * Whole Deviant Art community, Pokecommunity and everybody who have helped me (you can't name 'em all) Changelog --------- Demo version(15.06.2020?) - Ancorage Town added - Iparus Mines added(I didn't forget Deeper Caves, no worries folks) - Ice Chamber added (demo ends in rival battle vs Lucas) Bugs ---- ------------------------{Don't worry, you will have a ton of them later...}---------------------------- How to Patch ------------ A patch file has been provided as a link with the video. You can use xDeltaGUI to apply patch on a clean USA version of Pokemon SoulSilver rom. Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can watch its video here, Here are screenshots for next update (still not added to the game!
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