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  1. Okay so, Boot up in RCM mode. Hit launch. sysMMC, album, checkpoint, backup new file. (Cause I wanted to keep the old file, as well as saving my progress from the tundra) Make edits. Same process as before, except using restore. Not in the right place.
  2. So, played into the DLC for a while. Messing around. Got calyrex. The titans. Well. Did a backup, made a tapu for a friend, restored the game to trade... and i was still on the isle of armor, haven't been to the tundra. The pokemon I made for my friend was there, as well as some others I made. But my team was completely different. Any idea what could make this happen?
  3. i think im dumb lmao. what does that do?
  4. Hey, just wanted to let you know that that worked. thanks again
  5. yea i did that and now the game just closes before it even opens. oof. If i go Tools>Open Folder>Gridelin>Open then select the zerazora it will show it is good to go. so if i click and drag it to my desktop then go File>Open>Main and drag it back, it says its not. and yes i changed the NOT OT name and changed it back, as well as with the OT name (copy, delete, type, a whole bunch of errors pop up, select all, paste, says the OT trainer error again) Invalid: Current handler cannot be past gen OT for transferred specimen. === Valid Move 1: Relearnable Move. [Gen7] Valid Move 2: Learned by TM/HM in Generation 7. [Gen7] Valid Move 3: Relearnable Move. [Gen7] Valid Move 4: Learned by TM/HM in Generation 7. [Gen7] Valid Relearn Move 1: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 2: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 3: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 4: Valid. Fishy: Memory: Handling Trainer Memory missing. Fishy: Pokémon HOME Transfer Tracker is missing. Valid: Matches: Card #: 0292 - まぼろしのポケモン ゼラオラ Valid: Nickname matches species name. Valid: Current level is not below met level. Valid: All ribbons accounted for. Valid: Ability matches ability number. Valid: Correct ball for encounter type. Valid: Form is Valid. Valid: Form argument is valid. Valid: Mystery Gift Fateful Encounter. Valid: Geolocation: Country is in 3DS region. === Encounter Type: Event Gift (WC7) (Zeraora) Location: 2018 Pokémon Movie PID Type: None this is the report if you hold ctrl and click on the red !
  6. ya ive done that a few times. makes me wonder if its because i took it from the file and opened it in my game? i really dont know. im gonna try to just load all the mons from it into an old backup and see what happens
  7. Alright. this is what it shows. thanks for helping by the way. its much appriciated
  8. I'm trying to add it to my party to mess around with it. And uhh. Yea. Sure. Gotta get the pc out again.
  9. The Pkmdb. really, im trying to learn how to do this from trial and error.
  10. Youd think theyd have the correct info in the database. is there a place i can go to find that information?
  11. So, I've read through the other people that have been helped and it mainly seems like the error is not changing the current (not OT) trainer. Ive tried this so many times. Open the mon, type something in the current, it has the error. try changing the OT and it comes up with A LOT of errors. 807 - Zeraora - FE9EB8F1CC0B.pk7
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