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  1. Hey man i figured it out. It was the naming of the save files. They have to be named "savedata.bin". I noticed it while renaming it to send it to you. For some reason the name was saved as "savedata.bin [*some other crap*].bin". Its working after i renamed. Thanks for your help and sorry for wasting your time. I have been racking my brain over this since yesterday.
  2. Here's the unedited and edited save files. Thanks in advance savedata edited.bin savedata unedited.bin
  3. Okay. I started a new game. Saved the first chance i got. I restarted the game and i was able to load correctly. I closed the game, went to the save folder, deleted the new save file and restarted the game. Now its back to the new game option. So I don't think the location was the problem because if it was, i would have just been able to continue with my original game
  4. i got the save folder location from right clicking on the game from yuzu game browser and selecting "open save data location". But i will try your suggestion and let you know
  5. Hi, I play pokemon let's go eevee on yuzu (latest update). I created a copy of the save file and edited the save file with pkhex 20.03.14 to add a pokemon (Lapras). I added it to an empty box and exported the save, copy pasted the edited save into the save folder. Now when i start the game, it takes me to language selection and asks me to begin a new game instead of load game. When I copied the original save back to the save folder and restart the emulator and the game, it still takes me to language selection and new game option. What is the problem? Did i do something wrong? Why is the original save file not working too?
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