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  1. Thanks, i'll start with this and try to work on this.
  2. OMG thank you, I found my friends! They're back!
  3. So back in 2019, I started editing some of my Pokemon across all gens minus gen 5 and 8. After I did that, I found the auto legality plugin online and started using it alongside my tampering. When I started auto legalizing my Pearl Pokemon, it always made it so that they came from eggs, and not their original method of obtainment (Ex: Empoleon coming from an egg, but it was originally from the suitcase). Afterwards, I felt bad for my bois, so I kept trying to fix it, both with and without auto legality, and nothing has worked. I feel stupid for doing it, and I just want them to go back to as c
  4. Excuse me for asking, but where should I report any errors that appear when using this mod? Specifically, an error that appears when auto-legalizing a Pokemon from Colloseum/XD. I tried the discord link, but it didn't work.
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