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Looking for BW event Celebi and/or Satoshi's Pikachu


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Im definately not the first to ask for these, but yeah... im looking for them:

The B/W event Celebi (current event i think)

And Satoshi's pikachu (Recently ended if i'm not mistaken)

I'm (for some unknown reason) unable to get these events myself and i'm requesting some help :P So if anyone has them, i'd like a way to get them too. AR, Pkm, wondercard file, tradeing...

whatever... I'm a hopeless collector who got unlucky and missed a few :bidoof:

Please and thanks? ^^;

PS: i have HG (US) and SS (JP) if that matters...

I would've used my soulsilver to get the events, but it at a freind's house and i wont be able to get it back for a while :creep:

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