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Action Replay Codes Europe?


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First off all, I'm new here. I don't know if this is the right place to post such topic, so I'm sincerely sorry if I'm not supposed to post here.

I recently got Action Replay DS from a friend, combined with his old Platinum game (I also got Diamon and Heart Gold). I already used some codes, but I read something about using AR Codes to get "Events". Unfortunate, I'm what you can call an Action Replay Noob. I have no idea how to make such codes, or how to obtain them.

So I was wondering, can anybody please help me and teach me how to get those events for Heart Gold and Platinum/Diamond using Action Replay? I think I need all of them, since I never got an event, except for the Hidden Key in Platinum.

Thanks in advance everyone :D

P.S. I did some research myself already, but I heard the codes in USA/Japan are different from the ones in Europe (Where I'm from). Is there any hope for me left? :frown:

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HG and SS were my first UK DS games, so I was relieved to find all the US codes worked on them.

I bought the American releases of the first three DS games, which meant I got them before the UK release which was nice.

At least with the ARDS/ARDSi Code Manager you get the option to pickup codes from all the regions which is useful.

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Hi guys, im new to this and was just wondering how did you start this thread/post? i havent been able to figure it out yet :( lol and also was wondering if anyone has a action replay code for a shiny ditto in Diamond (E). Thanks :)

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