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Yellow Forest Surf and Fly Pikachu Request.


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So, I missed the Yellow Forest event for the Pokewalker. I'm requesting a Pikachu that knows surf, and another that knows fly.

I'll do this:

- One Event Jirachi ( Level 5 or 16 ) for both.

- Lv. 69 Spiritomb ( Naive ) for both.

- I have other stuff, ask and I'll work things out.

1463-0248-1279 Soulsilver.

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I managed to find a couple of .pkm files containing those two Pikachus (I presume someone uploaded a save and extracted the two Pokemon), which I loaded into my game. If you don't mind duplicated Pokemon I can let you have one of each. Not worried what I get in return, anything will do.

FC is 0045 5592 5457 - Roger

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