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I think that the main site should have.....

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I think that the main site should have a new addition to the list of pokedexes. There is the attack, berry, pokemon dexes and stuff like that. However, I think we need a places one. One with routes and cities and info about those places. Sort of like serrebii.net's poke earth. I use that option often at serrebbi. So I hope that it will be added to this site. I know that one of my wiki projects is to do something like that only in the wiki. I just thought that it might be beneficial to bring this up. Please comment!

Note: I cant spell serrebii to save my life: I dont even know if that is correct:

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it should be serebii .,

anyway .. why don't you post this in the Official Pokedex Discussion??

and also as far as i remember ...

SCV said that .. he don't want to imitate what the other site does ... especially serebii xD

he wants to obtain the information from the game itself xD

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Well, I was thinking of obtaining it while in game. I never said that we should take all of serrebi's info and then slap put it onto our own thing. I also never said that it had to be exactly like serrebi's I just said that it was a good option and one I frequently use and I really would prefer it if the information could be found here.

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