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Rate My Team Rules and Formatting


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"Rate My Team" Rules and Information

Post your team in this Sub-Forum for everyone to rate and also to get advice from others. All teams will be graded as Pokémon DPPt Teams, if your team differs, please post the version the team will be used in. Last, but not least, state where the team will be used:

Battle Tower

Elite Four

In-Game General (now with own thread: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2335)

Competitive Wi-Fi

Please use the following Format when making a RMT Thread:

Pokemon @ Item





- Move 1

- Move 2

- Move 3

- Move 4

Comment: (Optional, but highly recommended)

Criticizing Rules:

1. Post Helpful Comments

- Post how they can improve their team/member.

2. Be Respectful

- Don't be offensive and don't use an aggressive tone.

OP Rules:

1. Use Proper Format

- Follow the above format and you should be good.

2. Be Respectful

- Don't be offensive and don't use an aggressive tone.

Tips: (By Illithian 8/29/09}

  • Create your team in Shoddy Battle and hit 'Export to Text' to have it automatically formatted.
  • Include pictures of your Pokemon.
  • Try to ignore your favorites; it will make it much easier to create a successful team if you aren't attached to a specific pokemon.
  • Test your team frequently! You'll have fun and be able to see strengths and weaknesses much better in practice then on paper.
  • Also, once suggestions are posted, you can really see the difference and whether or not its worth keeping.

Good luck and have FUN!

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