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Possible Remake of Ruby/Sapphire?

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Following the previous 2 generations (III and IV), where I and II's first paired games (respectively) were remade, what is the possibility of Ruby/Sapphire being remade for Gen V?

This may be the first generation where Kanto does not appear in the main series for that generation, should Black/White/<improved version> not include Kanto.

It is also possible that the remakes of Gen I are remade again. If they are, then B/W/<improved version> would not need to include Kanto. However, I think this is extremely unlikely, either Kanto will appear in B/W/<improved version>, or Kanto will not appear at all.

GF has already broken the pattern by releasing Gen V for the DS. It's also possible they break the pattern of Kanto appearing at least once in every generation.


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