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Kanto Not showing on map due to all pokegear apps code.


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Hmmm explain to me like does it just not allow u into kanto if that's the problem

just use a walk through walls code and you can sneak ur way into kanto and b and illegal immigrant xD(srsly though try that if that's ur only problem)

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I have good news and bad news, good news is this seems to be happening to everyone who uses this code so someone is bound to be working on one, but just in case I'm asking one of my friends to try and make a code for it, Now the bad news is so far no ones even figured out why it does this, and there's no code yet for it that I've found.

I'll keep searching and hopefully I'll find it

on a side note I'm looking for a working arceus code that doesn't give you a bad egg but an actual good egg or arceus himself so if you happen upon that please be sure to let me know

thanks in advance


HA SUCCESS all credit to this answer goes to MasterPokemonZ not me I have credit for finding it xD

Originally Posted by Fuzzum

i need help re-unlocking the Kanto map because my sister removed my HG from my DS while it was on and now i cant fly to or even see the Kanto map! >.<

if somebody can help me with an AR code or something i will love you forever xD

Ok. I got a Kanto Map's back!

I help you how to your map is back:

Step 1: Go to Olivine City, then go inside the S.S. Aqua using the Move anywhere Cheat Code then get throught the guard at the port then go past the guard at the ship.

Step 2: Go through the sailor inside the ship without talking to him, then talk to him when you passed him and hes supposed to say that you arrived at Vermillion City.

By then your Kanto Map SHOULD be back if not exit the port and go to another City by walking, then check again hope this helps. I hope you're happy at me.

Tested it, and it does work and don't worry just talk to the guy once regardless what he says and then exit you will indeed be in vermillion city

hope ur as happy as I am for finding this ^u^

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