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Help changing gender ability and nature?


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I caught a Scyther and didn't like it. I used pokesav to change the gender, ability, class, and nature but now it won't become legal for me. I think I changed the IVs a little but I forgot what I did. I tried to use pokesav to generate a PID but the legality checker still says it's hacked. I think there is something wrong with my IVs but I don't know how to change it back.

Can somebody help me? I just want a male adamant Scyther with technician that was caught in the bug catching contest.

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If you can't wait for someone to come along, do this:

Hack a scyther 31 IVs all - make it hold the power item of your choice (ensures one of the 31 IV is passed to bred pokemon)

Hack an adamant ditto 31 IVs all - make it hold everstone (50% chance the bred pokemon is same nature)

The baby will have 3 perfect 31 IVs (one controlled by the power item, two random)

It shouldnt take that long to get an Adamant Scyther with Technician with this setup.

Best of all, it will be legit. And if you do decide to mess with its IVs, it won't matter because it's hatched and just say you softresetted till you got the IVs.

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Thanks I made it legal now by randomly entering IVs until I got one right for me. I was wondering though if there was a list of all compatible IVs and PIDs so I could go and search through it without playing Russian roulette and hoping for a right combo.

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