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Um yeah.. so it's pretty much impossible to make a legitimate pokemon using PokeSAV HGSS .003a?


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I managed to make a lv.5 espeon and send it to my Soul Silver version through AR to replace my starter, but while I was making it I realized that the "Met In Place" drop down menu only has Sinnoh Locations. Normally I make my pokemon "Met as egg" and "hatched at route xx" (the two closest to the breeder's house); but yeah.. it's practically impossible to create a legit pokemon at the moment?

Hometown: Johto (Soul Silver)

Egg hatched at: Route 203

If anyone with half a brain looked at that, they'd laugh. xD

Not complaining because it'll probably get updated later, being a new game and all; just felt like making a post to see what you guys thought, and if anyone's figured out a way to make fully legit pokemon without having to make them on d/p/pt and xfer them over to hg/ss.

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