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Moving saves from one user to another

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Hi, i have a stock OLED switch. I have been thinking about modding it to move some saves from one user to another. I want to move my Sheild, Shining Pearl, and Legends Arceus save from user A to B (I also want to move a save for Mario maker but this is mainly about the Pokémon saves) Also, user A has a deleted Nintendo account and user B has a regular Nintendo account. That’s the reason why I want to move, since I deleted the Nintendo account on user A, I can’t trade or upload levels in Mario maker or basically do anything that requires internet. The thing is, user B already has saves for Sheild and Arceus on it so I’m not sure if that is gonna be an issue. I basically only want to mod my switch for this, so I’m wondering

1. Would the switch being hacked effect anything else when I’m playing normally, like not being able to use the sd card or no internet connection?

2. Would Nintendo get suspicious if there was magically a different profile with the same trainer id and Pokémon?

3. In this process, can I edit my sheild trainers skin color?

4. Is there an app of some sort that scans the saves I want to transfer to check for any illegal Pokémon? I’ve never hacked in any, but I may have been wondertraded one without knowing it’s illegal.

5. Is it possible to unmod when I’m done with all of this but keep the saves on user B?

6. Could someone explain the process? I just want to make sure I know exactly how to do it

7. When all of this is done, will I be able to trade online and transfer my saves to different stock switches if I want to?


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OLED Switch can not be hacked by software, you can only hack it by solder a modchip into the mother board.

Carefully read softmod guides and glossaries, and most of your questions will be answered: https://nh-server.github.io/switch-guide/

Once you have an hacked console, you can do pretty much all the stuff you mentioned. PKHeX can check for legality through all the Pokémon on your save files.

As per the ban risks, we aren't Nintendo/GF, so we can't say anything for sure. If you do legal edits, you'll be most likely fine. Hacked switch on SysNand with no piracy-related stuff can play online normally.

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