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Can't export Gen 7 save files


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I use PKHeX 20240326 on Mac and noticed that I can't export save files from any of the Gen 7 games. What happens is that the program just quits. I tried my own from Moon and Ultra Moon and I tried a Sun save file that I downloaded from this website. I noticed no problem exporting save files from any other generation and thought that that's strange.

What I do now for my Gen 7 games is that I edit Pokemon and import the pk7 in PKSM on my 3DS but I also wonder if anyone knows the reason for why that happens.

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8 minutes ago, Kaphotics said:

PKHeX is a Windows application, so I'm assuming the error is with whatever you're using to run Windows applications. 

Check next to the exe for any error log files, otherwise it's not really possible to troubleshoot based on your description.

Makes sense. Thanks. I should ask/report this in one of the threads about PKHeX on Mac using Wine.

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