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What the hell are these PL, PK, PGF etc. files

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Okay this is going to be a painfully stupid question for you lot but I have exclusively been using WC files and I am baffled to learn that not all events use a WC file to be distributed (I know not all of them are going to be using a wondercard in specific but still)
So, like, do those files that are used for the HA Johto Starter distributions and whatnot need to be directly injected into my box or something..? 

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PL* files were used by the Pokemon Link feature. This feature existed in Gen 6 and was used by Pokemon Bank to distribute gifts to the games. These files can be injected by PKHeX, you can then receive the Pokemon in the start menu of the games.

PCD (Pokemon Card) are wondercards from Gen 4, so basically WC files with a different name. While the games could only store up to 3 wondercards, the game could actually have up to 12 gifts waiting to be received from the delivery guy. That's why the PGT (Pokemon Gift) files exist. The PGT data is part of the PCD data.

PGF (Pokemon Gift) files are wondercards from Gen 5, also basically WC files with a different name.

Starting with Gen 6 it was decided to use WC* for wondercard files.

There are WC4 files, which are mostly identical to PCD files. The only difference is that by default the Pokemon data inside the PCD is encrypted while in the WC4 it is decrypted. They are both compatible with PKHeX.

You might also have seen some WC*Full files. These are the full data that was sent to the games by the distribution software, it includes the WC* data and some other data that's not relevant for most use cases, like the distribution text that's shown when the card is received.

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Oh, thank you! I was afraid of doing something wrong while injecting in some cards lmao. This is the best explanation anyone could have given me

Also do I just inject the PL files in like a WC6 file or do I have to do inject them in some other way?

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